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"Matt Adair has been encouraging and coaching church planters for as long as I have known him. He is extremely gifted at helping pastors and churches maximize the leadership, shepherding and structural challenges that they face."

Matt Chandler, Lead Teaching Pastor, The Village Church; President, The Acts 29 Network
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“When I stepped in as lead pastor, it felt like I was dropping every ball I was trying to juggle, because I was trying to juggle 100 different balls at the same time while learning how to juggle. Matt has helped me identify what the most important things are that I need to focus on and then helped ensure that I remain focused on those things. As a result, I have been more confident, more productive, and have better led and loved my church.” - Ashley Herr,
Lead Pastor | Redemption Bible Church | Mt. Prospect, IL
Beau Berman, Lead Pastor | Ethos Presbyterian Church | Tulsa, OK - All Rights Reserved